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Love is the only candle whose flame is externally lit. Rose is the symbol of Love, Honor, Faith, Beauty, Balance, Passion, Wisdom, Intrigue, Devotion, Sensuality, and Timelessness.


I want to dedicate this beautiful fragrance to all the lovers of the Universe. “The best candle is understanding.”



Our candles are made from natural soy wax, premium fragrance oils, and organic cotton wicks. This creates a candle that will burn cleaner, longer, and more true-to-scent. Long lasting scent that circulates throughout your home or space.


Embrace romance with our enchanting Rosy Vanilla Candle. This modern floral experience blooms with top notes of ozone and green leaves, before revealing a heart of rose, carnation, lily of the valley, and a hint of peppercorn in the base bolster the simple beauty of this classic scent. Share this great gift for your loved Ones…


Notes of Rose Petals, Vanilla, Chestnut


Top fragrance notes: Green Leaves, Ozone, Caramelized Sugar

Middle fragrance notes: Rose, Carnation, Lily of the Valley, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Clove

Base fragrance notes: Powder, Peppercorn, Cedar, Cream, Vanilla, Tonka Bean


Note: The top note is the first impression of the fragrance, while the middle note is the main body, and the base note is the lasting impression of the scent.

Rosy Vanilla

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4 in. Do not burn for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • Particulars



    Burn Time

    Approx. 60-80+ Hours

    Approx. 130-150+ Hours


    22.20 oz

    30.70 oz


    Height: 2.75” Diameter: 4”

    Height: 4” Diameter: 3.93”

    Jar Type

    Apothecary glass jars

    Apothecary glass jars

    Jar Lid

    Glass Lid

    Glass Lid

    Wax Type

    Soy Wax

    Soy wax

    Wicks Type

    Cotton Wick

    Cotton Wick

    Tested on Animals



    Hand-poured in USA




    Dried Natural Flowers

    Dried Natural Flowers


    Red and White

    Red and White

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