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Welcome to KiranHamid – The Expression of Art.
KiranHamid is scented candles. Candles are hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality and performance.  Our strong, though not over-powering scents are made using only the highest-quality fragrances.  We use all-natural, non-toxic, and completely renewable soy wax that burns cleaner and longer than paraffin. KiranHamid – The Expression of Art are handmade candles made with Love and Joy. 


Behind the Story
Since my young age I have had a passion to do something unique. After getting married I gave my best to my Husband and to my Kids. One day my husband told me why not you give your time to yourself. I want my “Kiran” back, who used to enjoy her life with passion. Kiran means “First light of the Sun” and You are the expression of Art. Go for it!


Then I created my Logo. “I” means what I am, and what I must share with everyone. “I” is full of color, love, fragrance, uniqueness, and passion. 

I have two Kids and they truly are a blessing to me. They helped me and gave me a chance to fulfill my dreams.

We are sure you will love our collection of scented candles.  Order some today and burn a better candle.


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Store Location

Painted Tree Boutiques - Shop No. E32

204 IL-59, Naperville IL 60540

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